What do I do if I don't fit my lenses?

We guarantee that your glasses will be delivered with the graduation you gave us, we will send you proof of it.
In case you do not adapt to your lenses, you can go back to your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist and ask for a new eye exam. If there is a need to change the graduation of your lenses, we can do it at a very low cost.

What is the delivery time of my glasses?

Delivery time is 10 business days

Do you sell Bifocals?

We do not sell bifocal lenses, since it is necessary to take a measurement with the frame on for its correct adaptation

What happens if my graduation is very high?

You can contact us to verify that we can process your graduation. We will always recommend the best material and type of frame for your graduation.

What is the form of payment?

Payment can be via PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Deposit or Oxxo. If you prefer to deposit, contact us to send you the deposit form with your reference number.

Do you handle Progressive lenses?

We do not sell Progressive Lenses, since to achieve an excellent adaptation it is very important to take measurements with the frame on. These measurements vary from person to person.

Do my glasses have a guarantee?

Our frames are guaranteed for 30 days against manufacturing defects. In the case of graduation, we guarantee and send you proof that the graduation is the one you requested.